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Photo of Chris and Stacy House with Tulips

I’ve been a Bedford resident for twenty years but my memories of town date back to the 1970’s when my parents and I would drive in from central MA to visit with my grandparents.  I am fortunate to live here in their former home, now with my wife, Stacy, and our two children, both of whom are in the Bedford school system.   I’ve been a member of Bedford’s Conservation Commission since early 2020 and was a member of the Arbor Resources Committee from 2012-15.

Professionally, I am a scientist and engineer.   In addition to research and development of new scientific instruments, my 25-year career includes project management and team leadership.  I work at an employee-owned small business and previously worked for several large corporations.  Science isn’t my only interest.  (My education includes an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts as well as a B.A. in chemistry and a Ph.D. in physical chemistry.)  For example, over 30 years ago, I wrote a college term paper comparing our First Parish church with Old West Church in Boston.  I don’t recall what grade I got but I do recall spending many hours and getting substantial assistance from the librarians in the Bedford Public Library over my fall break that year.  I’m also an avid gardener and am attempting to cultivate a home orchard.  We enjoy family hikes in Bedford’s Conservation Areas and open space; our dog is partial to walks at the Town Reservoir. 

I am running for Planning Board because I'm committed to sustaining our community and building a better future.  

House with Tulips

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